Days unemployed

Dinner prepared in the evening, standing on the path he came home, I caught him walking towards me, dipping his head to, in arms, a bunch of flaming rose.  He’s sooooooo cute, With a black rucksack, as well as, in a black T-shirt,  yellowish trousers and a pair of black leather shoes.
A warm current course through my body, reminding me of the youthful years of  secret crush. Fuuuuuuck! I was gonna get drown in the happiness. I hid behind a  bulletin board, and began to pull meself’s hair. I wondered…Was that real? Could it last? Would it change?…I rush up onto his back that he got surprise, turned around and kissed me on lips.
After dinner, we walked along the street, the night in Beijing was peaceful, while he’s good at  making jokes, as long as I become so quite in this new place.  Hooooo, I am happy. Why not happy? 
This is my life, without job, and our lives which are soooooo beautiful….

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